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Ionic Sea Minerals FAQS

Ionic Sea Minerals is a Mineral Supplement that contains all 76 minerals and trace minerals found in the ocean.  Many thousands of people in the USA take them daily as a mineral supplement. Here are some answers to common questions.

Question:  I am trying to be careful not to dilute the sea minerals too much with water. Is this the right approach?

Answer:  Actually, the more water, the better.  Hydration is an important part of regularity. The water is easily absorbed into the body, but a good portion of the magnesium in Ionic Sea Minerals is not, traveling on to the colon where it serves to draw in water through the colon wall.

Question:  How much of the Ionic Sea Minerals can I safely take?

Answer:  Good question.  As long as you have healthy kidneys, you could theoretically take 10 tsps. a day.  That is the approximate amount of magnesium contained in a single dose of Milk of Magnesia.

However, in reality you should never need 10 tsps. in a day. Three or four tsp. at a time should be more than enough for most people to get their bowels MOVING! In fact, most people will find that a single teaspoon a day is sufficient.

Question:  Tell me how to regulate my stool using the sea minerals.

Answer:  Personally, what I aim for is to have stool that is somewhere between soft and shaped like a sausage to a big blob of stool in the toilet, similar to a fresh cow pie. You simply adjust the dose of sea minerals up or down each day by a quarter tsp. to adjust the stool and keep it within this range of soft, easily passed stool.

Some may say that a blob of stool that resembles a fresh cow pie is too wet. But who cares? At this consistency, it usually only takes a few seconds to completely empty out the latter part of the colon. As long as you drink enough water to stay nicely hydrated, this consistency of stool should be just fine.

There are many things we can do that tend to cause constipation. Some main ones are: eating a lot of meat or nuts that tend to slow down digestion, eating large meals that tend to overload the digestive system, or taking long trips in a car or plane, which tend to suppress normal bowel activity.

When I know that I need extra help, I will up my dose of minerals to 1.5 or even 2 tsp. a day till things return to normal. Even though I might miss a day or even 2 days of bowel movements, the extra minerals have helped to keep my stool from drying out, so that when my body does catch up, elimination is a breeze.

Question:  What if Ionic Sea Minerals doesn't relieve my constipation?

Answer:  Because the sea minerals can make the stomach feel queasy until the body gets used to them, we normally recommend starting slow and building up.

However, if you are desperate for constipation relief, you can up the dose to 2 tsps. If the problem is severe, even 3 or 4 tsps. may be necessary to get things moving. However, this large of a dose will almost always result in diarrhea.

Question:  I've used laxatives a lot.  Can Ionic Sea Minerals still help my constipation?

Answer:  Yes, most of the time the magnesium in the sea minerals can still help. Sad to say, once a person's constipation has progressed to organic constipation, (click, then scroll down towards the bottom of the article) the damage is irreversible.

The good news is, even when a person has become dependent on laxatives for peristalsis (the wave like contractions of the colon that moves stool along), the magnesium in Ionic Sea Minerals might still help.

Magnesium draws extra water into the colon, which helps to keep stool soft and more easy to eliminate. The extra water can also help to flush stool from the colon.

For those trying to get off of laxatives, they may need to take 2 to 4 teaspoons at a time to find relief. They may even have to do this for 2 or 3 days before things start to happen. The good news is, it is possible that within a few weeks or months, a person will start to see some improvement in their bowel activity, and be able to take a smaller and smaller dose as the negative effects of laxatives diminishes and normal peristalsis is restored.

Question:  Can Ionic Sea Minerals help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Answer:  Some people with IBS have reported a real improvement in bowel movements within a month of taking Ionic Sea Minerals. The daily magnesium may help to clean out the colon and over time might help to restore normal bowel movements.

Question:  Can a person with MS or someone who has nerve damage caused by a disease like diabetes get any help from the sea minerals?

Answer:  The magnesium in the sea minerals can help to keep stool soft, making it easier to eliminate. Second, the extra water drawn in by the magnesium can have an enema like effect, pushing stool out the rectum.

As long as the kidneys are still healthy and can remove any excess magnesium from the body, the sea minerals can be taken daily, helping even someone with colonic nerve damage to have better bowel movements.

Question:  I can hardly stand the taste of the sea minerals. Is there anything I can do to help them taste better?

Answer:  Yes, there are numerous ways to mask the taste. 

1. Take a tsp. of minerals in 4 ounces of strong tasting grape juice (like the Walmart brand) or in carrot juice. Once you gulp it down, chase it with another quick swallow to wash the taste from your mouth.

2. Mix a tsp. into a glass of chocolate milk. This works really well.

3. Add a tsp. to a quart of lemonade - it may actually give lemonade a milder, more pleasing taste. I personally like using Crystal Lite Pure Lemonade mix, sweetened with Truvia. It has no artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives.

4. Add a tsp. to a gallon of drinking water and drink throughout the day. This gives the water a mild mineral taste that many people find acceptable. Some even prefer the taste to non-treated water.

5. Get our dropper bottle and throughout the day add 8 to 12 drops into whatever you are drinking.

6. Fortunately, within a few days the taste usually isn't as much of a problem, and after weeks or months some people get used to the taste enough just to take them in a tall glass of water.

Question:  Which minerals does the Ionic Sea Minerals contain?

Answer:  It contains all 76 minerals found in the ocean. This is also all the naturally occurring minerals listed on the Periodic Chart of Elements.  Click here to see the approximate amount of some of these minerals in Ionic Sea Minerals. (Ocean Trace is the same product, but marketed for agricultural use)

Click here to see how much of each element is found in ocean water. For trace minerals, you can multiply this amount by 100 for an approximation of how much of that mineral is in Ionic Sea Minerals.

Question:  How do Ionic Sea Minerals relieve constipation?

Answer:  Ionic Sea Minerals contain 422 mg. of magnesium per teaspoon. This is approximately 60% magnesium chloride and 37% magnesium sulfate.

You may be familiar with laxative products like Milk of Magnesia or Epson Salt, which both have magnesium as their active ingredient. Doctors commonly prescribe magnesium to clean out the colon prior to colon surgery or a colonoscopy. Magnesium is quite effective. It works by drawing extra water into the colon. The more magnesium that is present, the more water is drawn in.

Question:  How important is it to stay hydrated when taking Ionic Sea Minerals for constipation relief?

Answer:  It is very important.  We recommend that you take plenty of fluids, to give your body a reserve of water that may be drawn into the colon to facilitate constipation relief.

Question:  How do the sea minerals help to reverse constipation caused by taking a calcium supplement?

Answer:  Calcium is a mineral that causes muscles to contract. A calcium supplement can cause constipation when it isn't absorbed and finds its way into the colon. It causes the colon to contract and stay contracted. This limits the colon's ability to make its normal wavelike contractions that move stool along.

Magnesium causes muscles to relax, countering the effect of calcium, and helping to restore normal peristalsis.

Question:  Why do Ionic Sea Minerals help me to sleep better at night?

Answer:  When taken before bed, the magnesium in the sea minerals may help the body to relax after a stressful day, and may help a person to more easily fall asleep.

Question:  Can Ionic Sea Minerals interfere with my medications?

Answer:  The magnesium in Ionic Sea Minerals can change the absorption rate of certain medications. Therefore, you should always check with your doctor before beginning a magnesium regimen.

Question:  My kidneys aren't functioning at 100%. Can I still take the Ionic Sea Minerals?

Answer:  Be very careful here. When kidneys are functioning normally, they are able to easily flush out an excess of certain nutrients, including magnesium and vitamin C. However, when kidney function is impaired or a person has kidney disease, it is possible for excess magnesium to build up in the system until it becomes toxic.

Therefore, someone with impaired kidney function should not take Ionic Sea Minerals unless it is approved and monitored by a medical professional.