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Ionic Sea Minerals
Mineral Supplement

Ionic Sea Minerals are a Mineral Supplement, plus they may help to soften the stool and help with constipation.  But they are also a great Sports Electrolyte.

Replenish your Electrolytes

Two or three times a week when I play tennis, I use the minerals in place of Gatorade as an electrolyte. I put a little over a teaspoon in a 2 quart juice container, fill it with water, and add some lemon flavored Crystal Lite Pure (no harmful artificial sweeteners). This concoction actually tastes good.

I always used to get headaches when exercising and sweating hard.  Gatorade helped, but didn't get rid of them.  E Boost 76 did.  It can also help with leg cramps.

I offered some to each of my tennis buddies, and they all thought it tasted pretty good. One of them even started using the minerals every time he plays to stop his muscles from cramping - it works! Concentrated sea minerals are the best electrolyte I know of, since ocean water contains magnesium, potassium, and all the trace minerals found in the ocean.

EBoost 76 (simply Ionic Sea Minerals under another label) is that supplement. It is pure, concentrated ocean water, and nothing more. We take 100 gallons of pure Australian ocean water and evaporate it down to 1 gallon. In the evaporation process around 99% of the sodium precipitate outs of solution (solidifies). The liquid that is left is a very low sodium, ultra dense mineral and trace mineral solution.

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Many people report an increase in stamina and energy as their hydration and electrolyte needs are met.



Just add 20 to 40 drops to a gallon of water, or double this in other drinks.  Forty drops a day can make the difference between dragging and being very alert and clearheaded, even after insufficient sleep.

CAUTION: If you have kidney disease, only take Ionic Sea Minerals under the advice of your doctor. Healthy kidneys easily filter out extra magnesium not needed by the body. However, if your kidneys are not functioning properly, magnesium can accumulate in your system, and a magnesium toxicity can occur.

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