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Why Ocean Treasure is the Best, Period


Some sea vegetation products on the market promote kelp and fucoidan and that is about it. While those are amazing nutrients, Ocean Treasure contains those and so many more.  In addition to kelp and fucoidan, Ocean Treasure has Fucoxanthin and other glyco nutrients, not to mention a complete spectrum of the necessary daily vitamins and minerals, plus thousands of phyto-chemicals.  Even within a few weeks, just 4 Ocean Treasure capsules a day could make quite a difference!!!

Ocean Treasure contains nine nutrient dense sea vegetables that are grown in what we believe to be the perfect mineral environment (the ocean!)

     - Red seaweeds:  Irish Moss, Nori Yaki, Red Dulse, Laver

     - Brown seaweeds:  Bladderwrack, Rockweed, Fingered Kelp, Alaria

     - Green seaweed:  Sea Lettuce


Powdered Sea minerals

Though they are an amazing source of nutrition, the high calcium found in sea vegetables needs to be balanced out with magnesium. Ocean Treasure contains low sodium sea minerals which are high in magnesium and very low in calcium. Sea minerals and sea vegetables really do go together like peas and carrots. 

But wait, there's more! Though sea vegetables do contain needed trace minerals, our sea minerals contain a much larger amount. Since the 1930's, these trace minerals have been harder and harder to find in agricultural products.

Finally, Ocean Treasure is made with vegetable capsules, so it is 100% vegan.


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Amazing Benefits of Select Seaweeds

  • Helps fight allergies
  • Promotes Healthier Skin
  • May lower cholesterol levels
  • Helps relieve stomach disorders
  • Helps support liver functionality
  • Helps fight free radicals
  • May inhibit blood clotting
  • Used to assist in weight loss
  • Known to help stabilize blood sugar
  • Inhibits uptake of heavy metals
  • Used to remove toxins and heavy metals

Could Ocean Treasure help with COVID-19?

Ocean Treasure is a 100% vegetable dietary containing 9 edible and organic species of seaweed plus Ionic Sea Minerals.

All the minerals in sea vegetation are 10-20 times the organic density of any known land plant.  Plus, Vitamin D is synthesized naturally in the tissues of our sea plants, just as it is in human skin! Sea Vegetation is the only plant in the world that synthesizes Vitamin D in any appreciable amount, and the varieties in Ocean Treasure are particularly high in Vitamin D.  This is especially important in the winter when your skin gets less sunlight.

Sea plants can literally change your health. Sea vegetation has been acknowledged as a detoxifier, a balanced source of nutrients and many people believe sea vegetation works as a miraculous healing agent. Ocean algae is the richest natural source of minerals, trace minerals and rare earth minerals.

Ocean Treasure feeds your cells with the most nutritionally potent and mineral-rich family plants on Earth. Sea plants are more potent than any land plant salad and contain hundreds of natural plant compounds known as phyto (plant) nutrients. The ingredients in Ocean Treasure provides hundreds of natural compounds which are synthetic-toxin free. Many of these natural compounds, though necessary, are missing from our processed food supply.

The US government has now increased its suggestion of fruit and vegetable intake from 3-5 servings per day to 5-13 servings per day. The land plants we are accustomed to eating, however, are not nearly as beneficial as sea plants. The seaweeds in Ocean Treasure contain a full spectrum of natural (photosynthetic) vitamins, trace minerals, lipids, plant sterols, amino acids, omega 3's and 6's, antioxidants, growth hormones, polyphenols, flavonoids and much more. It also contains the powerful phytonutrients Fucoidan and Laminarin which are not found in land plants.

Our select seaweeds are up to 60 times more potent than any land plant salad and contains hundreds of organic plant compounds known as phyto (plant) chemicals. These organic compounds are extremely necessary for proper cell health, but many are missing from our processed food supply.

180 capsules in each bottle

$48 each