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Ionic Sea Minerals
Mineral Supplement

Ionic Sea Minerals is a Mineral Supplement, and contains all 76 minerals and trace minerals found in the ocean.  As such, many thousands of people in the USA take them daily.

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A Solution for Constipation

Concentrated Ionic Sea Minerals have 106% of the US RDA of Magnesium.  Magnesium is a natural stool softener, helping the body to eliminate easily.

A good time to take the minerals is in the evening before bed. Because our digestive systems work all night, they are more inclined to eliminate in the morning when we get up.

Personally, I choose to take the minerals first thing in the morning. I guess my stomach has gotten used to them, so that I can take them even when my tummy is empty. Usually around mid-morning I feel that wonderful urge to go. Once I sit down, its usually all over within five to fifteen seconds, except for the paperwork.

I remember the days before I discovered Ionic Sea Minerals.  I only went once every 3 to 4 days.  Stools were hard, and I spent many minutes waiting and doing what I could to eliminate.  WOW!  I don't ever want to go back to those days of pain, strain and the resultant prolapsed rectum.

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natural means to alleviate constipation.

Ionic Sea Minerals is concentrated ocean water, and nothing more.  We take 100 gallons of pure Australian ocean water and evaporate it down to 1 gallon.  In the evaporation process, close to 99% of the sodium precipitate outs of solution (solidifies).  The liquid that is left is a very low sodium, and an ultra dense mineral and trace mineral solution.

Overloading the Digestive System

One thing I have learned by experience is that when I overeat and overload my digestive system, my bowels get all stopped up, which is pretty miserable. But I learned that if I can take one or two extra teaspoons of the sea minerals to stimulate diarrhea, which at least gives me an option for getting things moving again. Of course, the better option is to stop pretending like I am eating for 3 or 4 at those wonderful family gatherings. I am getting better at this!

The trace minerals in Ionic Sea Minerals may be very important to health.

The magnesium in Ionic Sea Minerals may have numerous health benefits as well.

CAUTION: If you have kidney disease, only take Ionic Sea Minerals under the advice of your doctor. Healthy kidneys easily filter out extra magnesium not needed by the body. However, if your kidneys are not functioning properly, magnesium can accumulate in your system, and a magnesium toxicity can occur.


Adults:  1 teaspoon daily, best taken at evening mealtime, diluted in juice or water.

 Children:  1 drop per 4 pounds of weight, taken daily, diluted in juice.