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Increase IQ with Vegetable Iodine

The most damaging effect of iodine deficiency is on the developing brain, and to a lesser degree, any brain. Thyroid hormone is particularly important for myelination of the central nervous system, which is most active in the prenatal period and during fetal and early postnatal development. Numerous population studies have correlated an iodine-deficient diet with increased incidence of mental retardation. A meta-analysis of 18 studies concluded that iodine deficiency alone lowered mean IQ scores by 13.5 points (Bleichrodt and Born, 1994). Iodized salt is a special case. With only a few isolated exceptions, edible salt (sodium chloride) does not naturally contain iodine. Either potassium iodide or potassium iodate is laced into salt in 98% of U.S. Households (only found in 3% of English Households). 50-70 percent of the iodide Americans ingest each day, is hidden in their food supply, not the salt shaker.

These compounds are pharmaceutically manufactured by drug companies, in order to provide "stability" but with potential side effect such as HYPO and HYPER thyroidism, which has grown to now epidemic proportions since the 1930's when they were instituted in the name of iodine by the WHO and the NIH in America. Women of all ages are seeing MD's for "low thyroid", and are usually placed onto powerful synthetic drugs "for the rest of their lives" as per the AMA Protocol used to treat the growing number of Americans suffering from imbalanced thyroid conditions. Once the TRUE iodine is ingested daily, the thyroid sloughs off the pharmaceutical iodide and iodate, and our metabolism can be allowed to normalize.  Many informed experts believe that the rising rate of obesity in this country, can be traced back to this false iodine in the food supply.

In addition to these effects on the individual, iodine deficiency has adverse consequences for the community. A well known experts states: "a drop of IODINE each day can be the difference between an idiot and an Einstein." Mental retardation can cover a wide range, from mild blunting of intellect to full blown cretinism (see "Zombieland"), and a large part of the population may have some intellectual impairment. The mean IQ of the deficient community is decreased by at least 13.5 IQ points, according to one review. Individuals in these communities have lower educability and lower economic productivity, and the output of the whole community suffers. Dramatic improvement typically occurs after appropriate addition of vegetable iodine, as found in the Ocean Treasure.

Other consequences of iodine deficiency are impaired reproductive outcome, increased childhood mortality, decreased educability, and economic stagnation.

NOTE: There are 300 Mcg's of iodine in one capsule of Ocean Treasure.  That means that 3 capsules has only 0.9mg of VEGETABLE iodine.  The Government states that the Tolerable Upper Intake Level of (iodide/iodate in the salt) for adults is 1.1 mg/day.

The Japanese ingest over 7.7 mgs of organic vegetable iodine EVERY DAY!  Their IQ is 15 pts higher than Americans across their population. They also enjoy the longest and healthiest life spans. They ingest 7-10 grams of whole sea plants each and every day.

They concentrate and focus for long periods of time and pay attention to, and recognize, lots of parts, lots of details, lots of transistors, engine and car parts and have many new ideas. These are all signs of a high IQ.

The secret is found in their DAILY diet, and also found in Ocean Treasure!

Buy Ocean Treasure now!

Each bottle has 180 capsules,
a 45 to 90 day supply!

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