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The Phytochemical Revolution
A Big Idea

Man's science tries to do a huge jigsaw puzzle without having the box top, the Big Picture (God). So when they get lucky and observe a couple pieces together, or they force two piece together like the earth is flat and the sun revolves around it, or margarine is good and fat is bad, they call it "good science".  Until these excepted theories are proven wrong and new ones are accepted by their most respected "old guard," all new theories remain unscientific alternatives. Perceived safety becomes their focus and they turn their efforts to try to stop the alternative idea charlatans. Yet drug interaction and staff infections kill 150,000 people a year. Supplements kill zero.  What is simple and obvious to one, may be prophecy to another.

As far as supplements go, the accepted scientific agreement is that synthetics chemicals are the same as organic molecules to the body. LIE. They have ZERO food value. We aren't missing yellow synthetic powders in our diet. So multiple vitamins, up to now, are truly multiple synthetics. Yet, Phytochemicals come from photo (light) synthesis. Why does Sea Veg grow 2 ft or more per day, without a root? Probably light-synthesis. "Probably" because we have to wait for science to prove it, right?

Now that hundreds and thousands of phytochemicals have been observed in plants, and they can't be synthesized and placed into their scientific multiple, there is a gap, and they tell us to eat more fruits and vegetables. Going from 3-4 servings a day, to 5-9 servings a day, to 9-13 (due to their increasing knowledge of phytochemicals). They know they can't synthesise them all, and are having trouble naming them. Mixed Carotenoids (spectrum of Pro Vitamin A). Mixed Tochopherols (E's). B-Complex.

Science built a nutrition model (paradigm) that was only part of the puzzle (Single vitamins, ABC high RDA nutrition) and created plastic pieces to boot. 60 years of supplements, every major disease increased in the vitamin taking public. Where is the solution which creates NOT getting sick in the first place?  Because in other countries they know the solution. God heals His creation with His creation. This is the phytochemical revolution. Why is it a revolution? Because we will return/revolve to where we once were, and know it for the first time. Health is found in superior nutrition, every single day. It is NOT found in man made food.

Using natural compounds like targeted drug groups is still not the answer to perfect health.  These natural healers still treat the symptom with herbs, and try to treat the disease, but not all diseases are treatable once there is onset. Degenerative disease is caused by doing without proper nutrition combined with toxicity over a variable amount of time, depending on age, environment, stress, and genetics.

Ocean Treasure addresses the cells, and so all disease, LIKE NOTHING ELSE CAN AND IT'S THE FACT. If your cells were a working wristwatch, what part of the watch can you do without? Which part of the puzzle can you do without? Which piece is more important?  Using the analagy of a wristwatch, is the wristband more important than a little tiny spring inside?  Is the big hand more important that a little tiny swivel rivet?  Which one can you do without?  Is Calcium more important for making bone than the trace element boron, or vitamin C, or magnesium?  On a car, is the engine more important than the lugs nuts on the front tire?  Not more expensive, but more important? So it is the little things that count, and not necessarily the most expensive.  Ocean Treasure is economical, yet has a large amount of phyto-chemicals per ounce.

It may be that the best things in life are free.  When the Japanese and the Irish pull their seaweed out of the ocean, who are they paying for their health insurance?  For what insures their health? This is the new paradigm of the phyto-chemical revolution. Man made chemicals are not the solution. Zoetech is not reinventing the wheel.Quite the opposite. The reinvention is by "science," medical or otherwise, and has been happening throughout the past century. Look around at the results. Better living through chemistry?  Haven't heard that lately. People want new answers. Our children are at risk. The concentrated sea minerals and select sea vegetables in Ocean Treasure may be the best answer available.

180 capsules in each bottle

$48 each

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